RSSOwl was unable to create a browser for reading news

Unfortunately, I failed to solve this issue, but I got around it.
Initially I downloaded RSSOwl for Linux (64 Bit) from here: However, I would start to get the error message:
Error Creating Browser: RSSOwl was unable to create a browser for reading news. Please refer to the FAQ for further help. Click 'Ok' to open the FAQ now..
This issue is described in RSSOwl’s FAQ ( However, following those instructions did not resolve my problem. Ultimately I downloaed the Ubuntu 64-bit Debian package from here: Executing that installation of RSSOwl did have this problem.


4 thoughts on “RSSOwl was unable to create a browser for reading news”

  1. Thanks for this helpful article. Now my RSSOwl works fine with Kubuntu 13.04 and I’m happy. 🙂
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Thanks Dave! I had the same problem and I really wanted to solve it somehow. It’s better for me, I prefer installable packages over “portable” apps, because I want them to appear in my “start” menu, and I don’t want to remember different folders and their path for various apps. Thanks dude, it’s even better than the original. And you know what? You’re the only one who offered an easy way for solving this problem.
    A big thanks to the developers of this package! That’s why I love the world of open source!

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